Ink Twiggy on her way but now I'm thinking it should be a day?

  1. well finally Barneys is sending my Ink Twiggy. I've had the worst luck lately with wrong and missing shipments. Anyway, I know I want a day bag and have a black city. Am I making a mistake getting the Ink in the Twiggy? Should it be a day? It is versatile enough to use every day (the ink color I mean)?? I already have a cornflower box, a black and caramel city and am getting a Grenat City. Thoughts? Thinking maybe the Grenat Twiggy and Ink Day??? Help:hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  2. i love the ink twiggy. ink is definitely versatile enough for day and night!
  3. i just got an ink twiggy (still waiting for the mailman to get here) but it's the 2nd one I've gotten (the first one stolen) so you can see how much I love it....also it is definitely versatile enough for day and night. The good thing about the twiggy is that it is dressier than the day, so that you can use it at night.
  4. ^^Agree with didi. Twiggy is it.

    Congrats didi on your replacement ink.:tender:
  5. Twiggy's rule!!!!!!!! Actually City is my #1 but I LOVE my Twiggy!
  6. Ok, Is Grenat too much for a day? Maybe a black day?
  7. and i think the day looks cuter in brighter, lighter colors. day in rouge is tdf.
  8. Z&J--I love the ink is very versatile (I have it in a city). My favorite style bbag is the day though. I use this more than any bag and have in caramel, brown, black and navy. You must get a day for your collection!!
  9. i totally reckon the INK twiggy will be great for day and night use!!! but if you ARE having doubts then totally change it to a day!
  10. I think you should stick to the Ink Twiggy---it's beautiful in that style!:heart:
  11. Hi, Z&J, just saw your pm...heres the pic of my ink day~~its my favor bbag, perfect for everyday use:love: !!!
  12. Everyone's Ink Twiggy I've seen looks so great, I think that is a fabulous choice for a twiggy. I loved SoCal's grenat Day (can't get that one out of my mind) and so think a Day looks so good in the Grenat. So I agree with one of your choices >> keep the Ink twiggy that's coming & get the grenat Day instead of a City. You are going to end up with a nice diverse Bbag collection (both styles and colors)!
  13. Perfect idea!!