Ink Twiggy Obsession

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  1. Okay, now that I have been turned onto the ink bags, I think I have now revised my HG to Ink box or twiggy. Can't decide...Other than Diabro, are there any stores out there that still have the ink twiggy?
  2. I called Barneys Beverly Hills the other day and they said they had an ink box if you're interested. If anyone hears of an ink first, let me know!
  3. Yes, definitely call up Barney's. I found an Ink Twiggy just 2 months ago at Barney's NY, just sitting there on the rack . I was so surprised to find it there!
  4. is the ink box still there? how much do they charge for shipping?
  5. Theres an ink twiggy on ebay at the moment. V good seller! xx have a look x
  6. 0o0o go the INK twiggy!!! :o) I've got one and its just wonderful!!! :o) If you don't have heaps of stuff in your bag maybe the BOX, but hands down TWIGGY!!!