INK too veiny/ distressed????

  1. Hi, I am a newbie to this forum....just came across this forum and a week later, I am about to buy my first bbag. I think I caught your bbag bug :yes: Can anyone please tell me if this bag is too veiny or distressed?
  2. That bag is gorgeous! Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I like the veiny look. It makes the bag unique and quite different than other leather bags out there. I don't like the leather too shiny so I apply Apple Condition liberally and that takes care of it.

    And welcome to the Purse Forum!
  3. I absolutely love the looks of that beauty! Shes a keeper!
  4. I think it's a beauty too!!!
  5. maybe i'm a bit weird too...i kinda like a more veiny distressed look...

    i think ur bag looks just great :smile:
  6. It's wonderful!!!
  7. Nooooooooo, it is gorgeous. Grab it while you can. That leather looks fabulous for an ink. :yes:
  8. It is gorgeous!
  9. It's gorgeous! I definitely prefer marbled leather, as long as it's not also thin leather. That one looks marbleous :drool: (pardon the dorky pun)!
  10. Beautiful! Excellent choice for a first Bbag!
  11. Gorgeous! :love: Congrats on the new bag and welcome to the forum!! :flowers:
  12. Hi yayaflower,

    Hello! Did Cultstatus send you that picture? I asked because you may find that I have purchased that bag on thursday afternoon. I was under the impression that they only have 1 Work in Ink, but I might be wrong. However, that's the picture that they sent me too!


  13. Awww You got it? Yes, the same bag from cult status...the last one too. Well, I guess I took too long to decide:crybaby: I just want my very first bbag to be just perfect for me...not sure if I want the bag to be distressed:sad: :sad: Anyway, congratulation :heart: I love the yummy

    And thanks so much to all the tPF members who welcomed me. I guess I am back to hunting for the bbag for me;)
  14. The more I think about it, the sadder and sadder I get...Now I really really want INK :cry: :noggin:
  15. Hey yayaflower ,

    Don't be too upset - I bought 2 bags, the work in ink and grey weekender, so I might return one of them and get another style, because both styles are rather big, and I got CS to send both to me for size comparison on the understanding that I will return one either for another style or refund.

    I'll take more pics when I get it and let you know!
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