Ink stains

  1. I had an ink pen explode at the bottom of my Noe. Now there's ink on the inside as well as on the vachetta at the bottom. Any hope for getting the stain out?
  2. ouch!!! so sorry to hear. i had an ink stain on my alma, and had to take it in to be serviced.
  3. i am having the bottom replaced.
  4. That's an interesting idea. I didn't think of having the bottom replaced. It would certainly look a lot better, as vachetta at the bottom of a big bag really takes a beating. Hmmm... Is it ridiculously expensive? A while back I had to replace the little leather strip that ties at the top of the bag and I seem to recall that it cost a bomb considering it was just a thin strip of vachetta.
  5. I was quoted $158 to have the bottom of my Alma replaced.
  6. Yeah honestly, there isn't much you can do. If it's lead pencil, I take a white eraser and erase the mark off and it comes off just fine.
    But my pen marks are tiny enough where you can't see them but mostly on places where they can't be removed (like on the vernis bags.) There really isn't much you can do about ink unless you to like doulos said and have the vachetta replaced.
  7. Do get a quote when you plan to do this as sometimes it may not seem worth it, that for the same price and a bit more you could get it brand new.
  8. nhlrefbunny (the comment above mine) had hers quoted at $158 to replace the vachetta on her Alma.