Ink stains on Canvas!

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  1. Oh no! Today I found a small, one inch pen mark on the front of a small Gucci messenger in GG Plus! Help me get it off! I've tried toothpaste, hairspray, perfume etc. Nothing's working!
  2. Love to hear if anyone else has any advice... my mom got a huge ink stain on one of my old Coach totes... :sad:
  3. Anyone?
  4. Never mind, I touched it up with a bit of paint. It's practically invisible, unless your eyeball is literally touching the bag! Thank god that GG Plus is bumpy, and grainy textured! :biggrin:

    Good luck True Religion finding a solution! Don't want a pretty bag go to waste just because of a pen stain!
  5. The only thing I've found that removes ink is 100% pure acetone (the kind used for removing fake fingernails). Don't use anything but 100% pure.

    Be in a well ventilated area!

    I soak a cotton ball in the acetone, then dab it on the ink. Be ready to blot with a dry cotton ball. Also, sometimes it spreads the ink and you have to dab again, and again, and again. I have a scarf that got ink on it and it took over an hour to get it out.

    When people recommend hairspray to remove ink, it's really the acetone that does it.

    Hope that helps.
  6. ^ Hairspray as well, although I think it is the alcohol in hairspray that does the work?

    I would never paint my bag! :wtf:
  7. Tide To Go (stain remover in a highlighter-type pen) works great on ink - but I'd test it on a hidden part of anything expensive or that you really care about.
  8. wouldn't that bleach a bag if it were canvas / fabric or eat away at a bag that was PVC or similar?
  9. It would probably melt PVC, but acetone won't strip color. It is not bleach.
  10. I used hairspray on a pair of CL canvas shoes I owned, and it took it right out. I sprayed then blotted. make sure to use a clean cloth each time you blot so as not to rub the ink back in.
  11. :nuts: It's PVC coated canvas (like most bags), if I feel like taking the paint off, it comes off with a wet cloth! :biggrin: I would never do this to leather though....
  12. im not sure how this will work on other things...but in my younger days...i spilt a ginormous amount of red nail polish on my moms white carpeting...after crying and scrubbing for hours i read online that carborator cleaner (for car parts) would i tried it...and this day, she has no idea.
  13. hmm...really? I never heard of this one before!!! I would be a little nervous to try this method on my bags! :sweatdrop:
  14. i have used rubbing alcohol with some success (hand sanitizer if i am away from home)- be careful - if there is a large amount of ink it could just spread and get worse!
  15. PVC = plastic. Acetone can eat through it.

    But acetone won't harm any organics, like silk or leather. I've used acetone on Hermes scarves, no problem.