Ink small Wallet

  1. Very cool...kind of unisex, don't you think?
  2. 2006 3? Is it blueberry? I do love this wallet style though! :yes:
  3. Does anyone know the retail on this one? I kind of want one :shame:
  4. hatikuh- you're right, must be blueberry!
  5. jdy, luvpurse got her DH that wallet (same style, different color) and she said retail is $395. Here's the thread:

    I do love this style, though! Definitely unisex... I wish my BF only need a few card slots so I can get him one (and "borrow" it once in a while :angel:), but he tend to lug more junk in his wallet than I lol...
  6. Retail in Germany is 290 Euros.
  7. Thanks hatikuh! I'll call them tomorrow. I'd loveeee to get a blueberry or a rouge! It could work well as a girls wallet too couldn't it?
  8. ^ definitely! In fact, my old wallet (before I started using my ink coin purse as a wallet) was pretty much shaped like that! I tend to prefer smaller wallets than bigger ones :yes: Let me know which one you're getting...both blueberry and rouge sounds really pretty!
  9. I've been using my coin purse as a wallet too!! But just recently I lost one of my cards (actually misplaced it) and I didn't realize it was gone until about a week since since my cards are all thrown together into the purse. I figure I better get organized again where I can see my cards every time I open my wallet :shame: . I don't like the zip around wallets, so this would be perfect! I'll let you know what happens with BNY :love:
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