Ink Purse at Barneys BH

  1. They had a beautiful Ink purse at Barneys BH today, I wanted it bad!:yes: I had to tell myself.....walk away from the bag.....I have bought way too many in the past 2 weeks. This one was a beauty though,
    virtually no veins! I hope someone calls and gets it. They had a Pale Rose as well, but the Ink....ooooh:love:
  2. did you see an ink city ? :smile:
  3. No other Inks in any style, just the purse....
  4. Ooooooo...that's where I bought my Ink first. Buy it, buy it, buy it:yes:
  5. Mmmm...and ink purse sounds very nice.
  6. I just got an ink purse from Bal NYC and I lovvve it!

  7. roo- your ink purse is gorgeous! i love the purse style, it's my favourite.

  8. Roo it is gorgeous!!:yes: