Ink? Please explain

  1. Sorry, I'm new to all this lingo. I'm an LV and Gucci girl. Can you please tell me what an Ink is? Thanks for being so nice about it.
  2. Ink is a color that was part of the Spring/summer 06 collection - a very dark blue with purple undertones.
    Check out for everything you need to know about Balenciaga!
  3. Thank you so much...lord I thought this was going to be easy but I've never had to ask so many questions about a handbag before. Maybe you can answer another the leather super veiny on all bags? Some look super soft and smooth...some look crunchy and dry. Sorry for the description...thanks for the help.
  4. An ellusive color from 06... Looks black/blue/purple depending on what light you are in, and I guess there are slightly different variations of it... I :heart: it. My husband? Not so much!! :p Good thing he isn't the one that has to carry it...

    Ink first is on the right.
  5. Lots of 06 bags are on the more distressed, veiny, crackly side. There were some smooth ones, but it will take some searching to find one now. eBay is your best bet :yes:
  6. Thanks for the info "Slinks"...I called Balenciaga New York and spoke with a great guy who said that they would look thru the stock and find one that is not so worn in...distressed. Living in GA can be a hassle when trying to find a bag. NM and Saks both dont' carry it and the one store Jeffery's doesn't have any. I'm going to have to cross my fingers on this purchase since the return policy is so stricked. Has anyone seen a black 07 city...what's the leather like?
  7. ^Also, I have found that mine has "smoothed" over time, with use. I know that sounds crazy... when someone first told me that, I couldn't really figure out what that meant!

    I don't know if its that maybe I am just more used to it, or if it really has changed... It seems that my Ink was more "veiny" and crackly when I first got it, but it keeps getting smoother over time??

    My 05 and 07 leather are totally diff, but I :heart: all of them for their uniqueness!!:girlsigh:
  8. ^ I wonder if it's something to do with the moisture in the air/oils from our hands eventually breaking down the leather and making it smoother.

    I've heard something about ladies repeatedly 'touching' their bbags and feeling like that smoothed out their bags over time - don't know whether they were just imagining it though.

    I went to NM yesterday to fondle the new bags in person (I haven't touched any of the newer bags AT ALL until then) and I was disappointed in how dry ALL of them looked and felt :|
  9. My ink is more purple than blue (it's a fascinating cloror)!

    The leather is really quite soft. The bag practically puddles when I set it down empty. Here are a couple of pics:

  10. Yeah, the leather smooths out over time. I was comparing my Ink to my Anthracite the other day. I haven't used Ink for a while and I was surprised how matte he looked next to the brand new Anthracite. I have pictures of Ink when he was brand new and he looks like plastic he was so shiny!! I honestly believe that once the "glaze" wears off that makes them so shiny, they will be matte and distressed, IMHO! It just takes time and use!

    It's a very unique colour, sometimes navy blue, sometimes purply and some start out more blue or more purple than others!

    Good luck in your search!

    I wish you well,

  11. The info is great...I was wondering about the shiny apperance. So this is my trouble now...take a trip to New York and look and buy there or just order it over the phone. Georgia stinks in the handbag dept. Any one have advise on what they would do?
  12. kcd1696...what year is your bag. I'm searching for one that will "puddle"...if it's a matter of giving it a lot of love...I'm willing to do it.

  13. I agree, BALNY's return policy is bad. Why not do a charge send from NM, Saks or Barneys this way you could always send it back for a refund if you're not happy. One of our members Chrissiexxx (I think or something like that) works at the NM in San Fran. I'm sure she'd help you pick something wonderful:yes:
  14. That would be awesome if I could get someone to help me. I could always return it to the store here. Do you know of any Saks that carry them? I love Neimans but they don't take mastercard.
  15. Ooh quick questions too...I've read different things about the sizes...some say it's 3 1/2 inches wide some are saying 5...which is it?