Ink or Indigo?

  1. Which color do you think is more sought after?
  2. Indigo for me
  3. I'm dying for an indigo first!
  4. I don't knwo which is more sought after but I prefer Ink!
  5. :yes:
  6. I like the indigo.
  7. i like indogo than ink :p
  8. I prefer Ink as I like more subtle Bal colors
  9. :drool: For me it's gotta be the Indigo. I love vibrant colors the most, and my favorite leather is from 05. Oh, and I just purchased this beautiful City this morning. I am so excited about seeing it in person!!!

  10. Not sure which is more sought after but I love the ink color! Ink seems to change alot more than the indigo..
  11. Definitely Ink..I posted this to you in another thread but just in case you don't see it, I see an 06 Truffle first on your list and I saw a really pretty one at the Nordstroms in Sacto, CA!! She is a beaut..