Ink or Dark Purple First?

  1. Hi girls-

    I'm a newbie to B-bags and am intrigued by the ink color. It's really beautiful!! Am looking for some help on this bag listed on Styledrops:

    The listing says deep purple but it almost looks like ink (?). Am looking for help from our PF ink B-bags experts. What do you think?

  2. Its the Ink. I have one and it is beautiful. When the sun hits it just rigth it has dark purple hues.
  3. Thanks, Ranskimmie! It's just a gorgeous color!!
  4. Are you going to get one?:nuts:
  5. I really really want an Ink City (think the larger size is better for all my stuff!) but this First is cute...and available. Ahhh, decisions, decisions!

    Read on another B-bag thread that there might be some ink Citys available at the Balenciaga boutique in NYC and if I can hold out tonight will call them in the morning to try to track one down. If not, it might be the smaller First for me!
  6. Yeah, I got my ink city at Bal NY about a week or so ago. They still have a couple available. If you want one though you should jump on it because they are the S/S 06' line which is almost at its end. They wont be reproducing this color. I know because of this there are lots of girls beginnng the ink hunt. Good luck to ya. Let us know if you get one:biggrin:
  7. NM at Garden State Plaza NJ had an ink city, work and day bag last week. You might want to call them. And NM has a great return policy...B-NY will only issue credit :smile:
  8. Terrific!! Thanks for the hints and recommendations from both of you!

    I'm hitting the phones tomorrow and will definitely share the update on my search (and hopeful success!!!)
  9. ;) Go get that INK!
  10. Thanks for your encouragement!!!

    (singing...~~I can't wait 'til tomoorrrroowwww~~) :biggrin:
  11. If I were you I would definitely try and hold out through the night. It's only a few hours; plus, you're going to have to wait for your bag to arrive to you anyway. And I think Barneys, Bal NY, etc are going to ship quicker than Styledrops will.

    Plus, if you buy the first now, get it, decide you don't like it and would rather have a city, when all is said and done it might be that much harder to find a city since more time will have passed.

    There is a sizable difference between the first and the city. If you're looking for an everyday bag, the city would be a MUCH better choice than the first. The first is cute but it's more of a kicking around or a night bag. The city is capable of hold much more. Good luck.
  12. Is ink the closest color Bbags have to a dark purple? I wonder if the fall/winter garnet will have purple hues.

    I really really wish they would come out with one that's dark purple and looks just like the one on styledrops...apparently ink only looks purple sometimes.

    Actually, do you guys know whether color varies a lot by each individual bag? Perhaps the one on styledrops looks more purple than most inks and so I should get that one??? Another ink from somewhere else may not look as purple.

    Also, is styledrops reputable?
  13. Yes, the ink color can vary from bag to bag. In fact, this is true of all b-bags. You will never find two that are exactly the same. Ink has the widest range of variations at the moment though.

    I'm sure Styledrops takes one photo for all of their bags and uses that as a stock photo. So the bag that you are looking at on the Styledrops website is most likely NOT the bag that you will receive.

    If you are sure that you are going to keep the bag, I would call Balenciaga NY to order it. They do not allow for returns, so you will want to be confident that the bag is a sure thing for you. If you decide to purchase from Bal NY you can specify to your SA that you would like he/she to chose a bag that is more purple than dark blue, etc. The SA will look through the current stock for you and pick a bag that is closest to your request. You won't get this same service with Styledrops.

    I have never purchased from Styledrops before, but I believe others here have and they have been happy with their purchases.

    Good luck.
  14. YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks :flowers: to you guys for your advice (and passion for the beautiful INK color :love: ), my INK CITY is on its way from Barney's Copley Place!!! :biggrin:

    Claire wasn't in but Katherine was awesome and said the bag has great leather - not too veiny and a gorgeous color!!! It should get to me in 6-8 days. I can't wait!!!

    Will post pix when it arrives!! :love:
  15. :yahoo: YAYYY!!!! Welcome to the ink club redney!!! :love: