Ink or Cornflower? eek or the new Blue India?

  1. :yes: I'd love to see photos of both. I have Ink and it's been in my closet for over a month. Thinking it just doesn't POP enough. Wondering about cornflower or the new blue india? Would cornflower work all year ????

    Any photos would really help. Thanks:smile:
  2. I just have ink and cornflower so here we go.
    I love the Blue India:love: but If I buy another blue bag DH will lock me up and have a serious talk with me :lecture:
    cornialt3.JPG inkalt5.JPG
  3. Is it just me or does the Ink seem blah? I loved it when I bought it but after getting "blue fever" I think I need something that makes me feel happy. Make any sense? Do you wear the cornflower w/ a lot? Will you use it in the winter?
  4. gosh, noooooooooooooo, i don't think ink is blah at all :shrugs:...i think it's one of the coolest & most multi-dimensional colors around...but if you're not happy with it, by all means get a different blue :yes:...i think cornflower is equally pretty & goes with just about everything (of course, i think it's cooler not to be too matchy-matchy) ;)...not sure yet whether i'll be wearing mine in the winter in nyc (?)
    DSCF2228 REV.jpg
  5. I know how you feel! I have an Ink city, and lately I have been having thoughts of selling it. I don't have loads of money for new bags all the time, and I feel like I'm more attracted to the b-bags in bright colors that just POP! Lately, I've been getting darker colors (black, ink, emerald). My only b-bag that POPS is my Magenta First, which happens to be my boyfriend's favorite!

    Anyhow, I think the Cornflower would work all year. But then again, I never confine my colors to seasons... :lol: I really like the new blue-india though!
  6. I think cornflower is *gorgeous*... and I do think it's multiseasonal, too. For someone who likes colored bags or is looking to add one to their Bbag collection, I think this is a great choice! The only reason I decided against the cornflower personally was because I am more of a neutral person for bags (I only have one really colored bag in my closet, a violet color), AND this will be my first and maybe only :crybaby: Bbag purchase for awhile-- so I wanted a more "standard" color.

    I've posted these before, but here's my Cornflower pics for color reference!
  7. I'm with aaalaabama. The ink is one of the prettiest dark colors I've seen. I actually had gotten one at the beginning of spring, returned it thinking I really needed a black. Then I could not get the color out of my head and spent hours searching down the Ink I ended up then keeping (not letting it go again). But.... if it just isn't 'doing it for you' (and you don't think you'll regret giving it up), then go for a new blue. Cornflower is pretty, the Blueberries are pretty and though I haven't yet seen the Blue Grey color, I already know I want one in a Day style.
  8. I am with aaalaabama too! I love my ink city- and it does pop depending on what outfit I am wearing. And I think Cornflower is beautiful as well. In fact, I have yet to see a blue b-bag that I didn't think was TDF!!!

    But you have to love it and if you are having doubts, then sell it and get a different color!!
  9. I use my Cornflower Twiggy in spring/summer.....when direct sunlight hits the bag the color vibrates!!
  10. i never prevent using a certain colour on certain season, i think it depends on ur wardrobe.
    but don't listen to me :P i live in an all summer-year land :roflmfao:
    and i think ink is pretty, is like buying a bag with 2 colours :P
  11. yeah!!! Cornflower twiggy!!!! :wlae: i love my cornflower twiggy!!!
    i'd go, cornflower, ink then the blue india
  12. mm... I loooooove INK! I think its one of the best colors Balenciaga ever made! but if it isnt for you, then go with cornflower or blue india. I'm interested in seeing what blue india looks like!
  13. I have a cornflower City and I LOVE the color! It is a shade of blue that can be worn all year long. My second choice would be the new blue india that is coming out. I'm not a big fan of the Ink color.
    Here's a pic of my cornflowe City.
  14. LOOOOVE my ink city! but of course I love the cornflower too. I'm not too sure about the blue india though. Maybe IRL, i'll feel different? I think the ink is far from blah and the cornflower can be carried all year round. You MUST keep your ink!:yes:
  15. The ink looks blah in pictures compare to other bright colors, BUT it's soooooo gorgeous IRL! There are times I consider letting it go for brighter colors that POP, but then I look at my City & Coin Purse, and I just can't... The color's too magical!

    I'd say both cornflower & blue-india works all year long. But this is just me, I wear any color bags all year long, so I guess I don't count LOL. And I love cornflower (i was torn between cornflower & ink when I got my first bbag), but with blue-india coming, I'd wait for blue-india. It looks like it'll be more versatile (looovve the blue-green-grey quality of that color!)