1. hello! all this talk and beautiful pix of the upcoming blueberry collection is making me droooool ~~~ however, due to my indecisiveness, i can't decide if i shld go for the blueberry or the ink first? :shame: both seem like great colors and i thought i cld post this thread to hear what the PFers think? what would u get if u cld only buy one bag? the ink or the blueberry? :flowers:
  2. I like ink.
  3. i like blueberry better :smile:
  4. I just bought a blueberry and LOVE it! The ink is really gorgeous too, but it might be tough to find this late in the season. Do you want more purple tones or blue tones in your bag?
  5. I was going through the same thing the other day. After looking at tkingny's pics of the gorgeous blueberry city, I decided on the blueberry.
  6. Hi tkingny, the bag I really really want is actually the Indigo. So I guess my next bag shld hopefully mirror the Indigo somewhat. I like purplish undertones more I guess :biggrin: . Ooh and congrats on your recent Blueberry! How do you find the leather as compared to the Spring/ Summer 06 leathers?
  7. yippy, tkingny, i'm so thrilled you :heart: your blueberry baby!!!
  8. totally go for the BLUEBERRY!!! woo hoo!!!
  9. Blueberry!
  10. Yes, go for the blueberry! It is such a rich color.
  11. Where are your pics of this color; I'm dying to see it ... I can't tell from the color swatches on
  13. If you buy ink, you will love this color more when you use it.
  14. Thanks!! I'm sooooo glad I exchanged the griege for the blueberry. I'm totally in LOVE with the color! :heart: