Ink or Blueberry Twiggy?

  1. I want to buy a blue Twiggy to keep my black '05 City company:smile: , but I'm torn between Ink and Blueberry! Color-wise, I probably prefer Ink b/c I like darker bags, but the leather on the Fall '06 Blueberry bags seem thicker/softer, which I like. Which blue do you think looks better on the Twiggy? I keep going back and forth! Thanks!!
  2. hmm this is a hard one. i think i would go for blueberry. :yes:
  3. IMO Ink is slightly more neutral but Blueberry is more vibrant and has more oomph. I can't say which I'd prefer. I love my Blueberry but an Ink Twiggy is.... yum. No help here! Personally, I think it would boil down to which had the better leather. It might be hard to find a good one in either color.
  4. I definitely vote for the Blueberry. The color just pops more. And you already have a neutral black City. :yes:
  5. Blueberry all the way!!
  6. i'm really partial to ink, but i agree- the leather tends to be better on the blueberry. if you can find a ink twiggy with nice leather, i'd be so jealous!!
  7. I'm an Ink girl...but then again the Blueberry is sooo pretty, but that Ink is so YUM..yet the bluberry is pretty...oh hell, I am no help at all...go for pink.
  8. I'd go for the INK first - just because I think this colour was SUPER hot last season and while BLUEBERRY is TDF too, its still around! All the best on what you decide to get... you can't go wrong with any of these! LOL what kind of post is this!!! LOL!!! hehehehehehe!
  9. I'm partial to ink as well. Such a unique color. I would get an ink twiggy and a blueberry city!
  10. I'd go for blueberry because of all the ones I have seen, blueberry leather is much much better than ink leather.
  11. Definitely INK because i just bought a Twiggy in Blueberry and did not look good at all so i had to return it :sad: (but Day Hobo or City looks great in Blueberry). INK is the best and easy to match with.:jammin:
  12. I vote Ink - it may not pop, but it is interesting and beautiful !!!
  13. Thanks for all your opinions! But, I am still undecided so I actually ordered both today and once I compare them in person, I'll make the final decision. If only I could afford both!!:yes:
  14. I like ink too, but always i want to try colorful one...
    Hope you find your favourite one and would you please paste some photos of them?
  15. Helen, you crack me up! [​IMG]

    Shoppergal, I vote for ink!! I truly love this color! :love:
    Keep us posted when your bags come, and let us know which you decide to keep! :smile: