Ink or Blue Roi

  1. Hello Everyone--

    Here's my dilemma...Do I buy the ink day hobo now or wait for the new blue roi color coming in the fall? I called Bal NY and they described the blue roi color as the color of a blueberry. She said it's a deep blue without the black or purple undertones of the ink, but not as bright as indigo.

    Any thoughts? I wish I could see them both in person together--then it would be so easy to decide... Of course, then I would probably want both!
  2. INK! I love the dynamics of this color- its very rich, and very versatile! I think the bleu roi is going to be beautiful, but I am a huge INK fan!
  3. I definetely would get the ink. Beautiful!
  4. I vote for the Ink as well. It is really a beautiful color.
  5. IMO, the ink is definitely more purple than blue, so if you like that then get the ink! Otherwise, if you want a true blue, hold out for the bleu roi.

    Iether way, when the bleu roi comes out, there might still be some inks around so you can decide then
  6. I vote Ink! ;)
  7. I love the ink! but if you can wait until the next lot of colours come out then it would be a good idea to see what they look like! :smile: good luck on what you decide!
  8. hmmmm. i wonder if new blue roi will be old smooshy leather.......
  9. I asked the SA if the leather would be different, but she said she hadn't heard anything official about a change in leathers. Old smooshy leather would seal the deal for me...
  10. ink ink ink!
  11. I love my ink, but I have to admit that the bleu roi looks REALLY nice! So, consider the undertones...if you like the purple undertones, go for the ink. If you want something closer to a royal/navy, go bleu roi. Blueberry sounds like a nice description! Would it be wrong for me to have both? LOL.
  12. I say ink. The blueberry sounds nice, but I think blue is hard to pull off if you like to wear denim--it's too much blue or something... Whereas I think the ink has a lot of depth by being almost purple, almost black, and almost blue....
  13. go ink!!!!
    :love: :love: love it...
  14. Thanks for the good input. I'm pretty sure I'm going with the ink. I just can't get the color out of my head!
  15. If you want any purplish undertones whatsoever, get the Ink. But if you want a straight up dark blue, get the Blue Roi. I'm really curious to see the Blue Roi myself, it's hard to see it in a tiny swatch!
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