Ink or Black???

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  1. Does the Ink look pretty purply in most lights???? If I'm looking for a basic black - could I squeak by with the Ink or not? TIA
  2. Some are more purple than others, if you need black I would go with black, what makes Ink so special are the purple undertones.
  3. I have both ...and I use my Ink Work as much as my Black City...
    My choice depends on the size I need to carry my stuff and not on the colour !!!
    I've always thought that Ink is a smart Black
  4. Me too. It's like black...with an edge! Mine is pretty purpley, but it goes with almost anything black would go with.

    However, if you're looking for basic, classic black to match your 163,285,397 pairs of black shoes (if you're like me), you might want to go with black instead.
  5. thanks guys!
  6. I agree, if you can get ink go for that because they are so very close in color that ink can pass for black at times but has enough of a purpley undertone to be different!
  7. My Ink and Black look very different from one another. I say go for the Ink as you can get Black anytime and the Ink is soooooo pretty!
  8. I've had both ink and black. I sold them and decided I couldnt live without my ink........ just got a new ink a couple of days ago!!!! I say ink!!!
  9. I've got an Ink work and it is certainly more purpley but it passes for black quite easily.

    Go Ink!
  10. Yeah ITA! But a lot of inks are pretty purple. If you are looking for BLACK, then ink won't really pass. But still I agree with everyone else, I would go for the ink! You can get black in anything, but ink is so special! :yes:
  11. another vote for ink. It's very dark so pretty versatile, and yet a much more unique color than black. go for ink!
  12. thanks guys - i went with black. I'm gonna wait and see what marine or anthracite look like.
  13. congrats!
  14. can always get a black. I love the ink!!
  15. congrats messengerbaglover, you can't go wrong with basic black :yahoo: