ink on vachetta

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  1. does anyone know if ink can be removed from vachetta? there is a bag i'm looking at on ebay with ink stains on the vachetta, and the bag is perfect other than those... :shrugs:
  2. I don't think you can do anything to remove the ink stains.:sad: How big is the stain and where is it?
  3. the ink stains are on the bottom. it's a large noe bag, and the stains are at the bottom near the seams. they're about quarter sized, it looks like, from the pictures.
  4. Are they pen marks?
  5. they look like a pen had exploded inside, they're like inkblots ranging from dime to quarter sized.
  6. I honestly don't think there is anything you can do, esp. with the old pen/ink stains.:sad:
  7. that sucks... won't be bidding on that one then... thanks!
  8. I got ink on the vachetta strap once from a blue ball point pen, it came off with an ERASER! :biggrin:
  9. i dont think you can get it off completely. when i got my speedy - silly me took it to the club. they stamped your hands when you get in and the stamp rubbed off on the handles of my speedy. used an eraser and it took off most but not all. luckily the vachetta would still darken since it was new so now its not noticeable at all....
  10. I have a small ink spot on mine too, on my Mc speedy. I freaked when i noticed it, I havent tried to removed it. Its not very big and figure as the bag ages and start to patina it will be hiden.

    If its not a big spot I wouldnt worry about it. Otherwise you could try that ME and see if it will lighten it, but i doubt it will completely remove it.
  11. I personally wouldn't - These come up on E-bay fairly often if you are patient. That bag is, I think, (looking at the date code) almost 20 years old. I would be patient and try to find one in better condition. To replace the leather on a Noe would be unbelievably expensive - probably around $500.00. You would be better off at $700.00 (for the bag, shipping, and new leather) to buy a new bag.
  12. i read online that ink can be removed with baking soda, white toothpaste, lexol (whatever that is), etc... any ideas?
  13. I've heard you can try denatured alcohol = but I would be afraid to use it on a Louis. Of course, at least with that bag - the ink is on the very bottom so it wouldn't be as noticeable. However, if you wear it kind of slung over your shoulder (if you know what I mean) it would be visible.

    It's really hard to say - other than that - the patina is kind of pretty - I'm just afraid it might look worse IRL since it's so old. It might be great - especially if you get it at the rock bottom price - but it's just so hard to say. I usually, if I'm going for preloved, try to get one only a year or two old, if possible. Wait and get some other opinions too. Does Let-trade ever get Noe's in? It might be worthwhile sending an e-mail off to a few reputable re-sellers to see if they can find you a nice one too. Good luck!
  14. Look at this one on E-Bay right now - ends in 3 hours. A little more (about $75.00 more right now) - but much better condition. Might be worthwhile looking at.

    Item Number is: 280063118568