Ink on my coach bag

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  1. Do you think this can come out? I brought this bag a while back and I usually don't do white but it was so pretty with the gold hardware. I don't know how it happened but it came in contact with an ink pen and got a few streaks of ink on it. I tried leather cleaner but nothing. I took it into the Coach store but the lady said there is nothing they could do. It that true? Am I basically stuck with the ink on it?

  2. Test it on the leather in a hidden spot first, but isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab might work. Blot; don't rub.
  3. Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. When I had a leather chair delivered one of the delivery guys got blue ball point pen on it. The Magic Eraser took it right off and didn't damage the leather.
  4. I would post on the rehab and rescue thread to get more ideas:

    But, I was working on a vintage bag I bought off ebay with ink stains and found that antibacterial gel on a q-tip lessened the darkness of the ink, but also started to take some of the color off the bag. since your bag is white, this might work, but it also might take the "sheen" off the bag, so I would be very careful with it. I think the alcohol is what makes it work, so probably the suggestion above would also work. I also used a magic eraser, which helped to an extent, but again took some of the color and sheen off the bag.

    You could try searching the site for relevant posts too, there are a lot of ideas that have helped.
  5. I would also check with a shoe/leather goods repair store....they might have something that would remove it or even cover it.
  6. I don't know how smart this was, but once I got red ink in on a white leather bag, and I just rubbed with some water on a paper towel... ink came out, no residue or faded ink remained, and the leather has been fine. Maybe I was just lucky, but it may be worth a shot.
  7. Thanks everyone. I've tried the Magic Eraser but that didn't work too well.
  8. Maybe try Eeze-out? I know it removes a lot of different kinds of stains from many types of materials even silk without causing damage. I used it to remove jeans transfer stain from my burberry tote (it was a porous coated canvas much more delicate than the coated canvas of LV and Gucci). I've never used it to remove a stain from leather though.
  9. sorry about the ink mark! ley us know how it turns out.
  10. I have done the alcohol and blot with a q-tip thing on a white purse. It did lighten it up but didn't totally remove it. It was a pretty heavy mark though. It might do better on yours. I have used the alcohol and q-tip method on fabric purses with very good luck.
  11. I have used hairspray before on a leather recliner-got a discount for the ink mark and tried this after reading about it somewhere. Took the ink right off without damaging leather!! It may have been pretreated before so this may or may not work for you.
  12. I had an ink spot on an older soft taupe Coach duffle I bought years ago and loved. The quality was excellent. I tried all the suggestions mentioned and none worked for me. My leather was pebble and very good quality but it just didn't work. Sadly, it had to be retired.
  13. What kind of hairspray should I try, like the kind in a can?
  14. If it's ball point in hair spray should do the trick. The can kind should work. If it's' rollerball, hair spray wont work.

    Good luck
  15. Yup ball point