Ink on my cambon lining--Any helpful hints?

  1. There are ink spots on the pink lining of my cambon bag. Just wondered if anyone had any experience with trying to remove them? thanks!:heart:
  2. is the lining sewn in, or can you pull it inside out?
    I pull all mine inside out and spray protectant when I first get them.
    Maybe you'rs pulls out and you can dab some Carbona on it?
    Have you seen this stuff? There's a bunch, a different for each stain type.
  3. No I haven't had it happen to me yet - I am starting to feel like everything in the purse should be in a ziplock bag. Because I do worry about that with pens and makeup, etc.....:sad:

    Ladies any suggestions?????

  4. Where did you buy yours??? Might like to get some....
    Thanks for the info.:smile:
  5. That is a great idea Swanky! I can pull the lining out. What is this Carbona stuff? Where is it sold? :heart:
  6. I have had pen marks on my old Kate Spade, Coach and once on my LV. I used this Gonzo Stain Remover (they sell it at Bed Bath and Beyond) And it suprisingly took the pen marks right out. Havent' had any pen marks on the Chanel I am afraid to even carry a pen in it :smile:
  7. all my local stores and grocery stores have it. They're little yellow bottles, maybe 4 ozs and in the laundry section.
  8. Thanks ladies.....this forum is the best!!:tup:
  9. Great ideas, ladies! Good to know cuz I'm afraid to carry pens in my bags, too.

    Rockerchic, Hope the ink stains come off! Keep us posted!
  10. Thanks so much. I knew my sisters would have some ideas. I am going to go out and buy both things today and will give you an update by the weekend!!
  11. hope it works Stace!
  12. Haven't been here for awhile. Happy to say purse forum always has helpful advice that's easy to find. My pink lining is a mess. I'll be looking for the carbona stuff myself. I also read somewhere online about taking the bag to a good dry cleaner to remove the ink stains. Anyone try that?
  13. I had pen on the pink lining of my cambon and when I took it in to Chanel for a "spa treatment" they got the pen stain out. It looks brand new now.
  14. hairspray works the best for ink spots :O)