Ink on ergo leather

  1. Hello, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot or not. But I have the large leather ergo hobo and I have noticed that I have some ink on the front of the bag. It's not very big but it bothers me. Does anyone know how I should approach to get this out? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I would try a magic eraser
    or maybe a little bit of the coach leather cleaner
    or you could call coach and see what they suggest
  3. ink on these bags is so hard to get off...

    i got ink on my camel ergo wallet, and decided to use some leather cleaner. if you go to it'll give you advice on how to clean your bag dependent on the fabric...

    but anyways, i used a little bit of it at a time and it faded. it really didn't dissapear, but it's so light you can't tell it was once a long ink mark. but be careful, because it can fade the leather as well. this is just what worked for me, but should you try it, spot test it.

    i even went into the boutique with it and they were telling me that i was basically screwed.
  4. the boutique always tells u ur screwed but theres always an option!!

    try rubbing a cotton swab coated cheap hairspray and rub in an area that u dont see all the time to check if the color fades, then if it doesnt fade, try it o the stain!
  5. Oh no! Yes, I have always heard that ink cannot be removed and should be left alone, but maybe one of the above suggestions would's worth a try!
  6. Hairspray does work!! although the spot test is a great tip!!!