INK on CANVAS Mulberry --NOW WHAT???

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  1. I got this Mulberry Roxanne from a seller who advertised it as being in used excellent condition and provided for a return ONLY if purse failed to be authentic. I paid immeditely, she shipped it out to me, left feedback about how awesome I am and when I received the bag I noticed that it has A LOT of wear and tear on the buckles and the leather trim... It also has some make-up stains on the inside as well as significant wear and tear on outside on the bottom. What gets to me is that there are 3 ink marks total on the bag (2 inside, 1 outside --right on the outter flap). I e-mailed her and said that all these should have either been specifically noted in the description of the bag or reflected in her overall assessment of the condition of the bag. I also pointed out that while "used" goes a long way toward accounting for all the wear and tear, the ink marks should have qualified the bag as being in "FAIR" or "GOOD" condition --but that the use of EXCELLENT seems rather arbitrary.


    I paid via PayPal. Is it worth escalating this? Do I just leave neg feedback and let it go? Honestly, this is an old bag --no way she carried it only a couple of times as stated in the auction. :cursing: NO WAY!

    So NOW WHAT??!!
  2. Yes - put in a claim as item received 'significantly not as described':yes:

    She failed to mention the true condition of the bag, so she's entirely at fault.

    Hold fire on the neg feedback for now, wait and see if she gives you a response first.

    You can also request her telephone number through Ebay in the meantime, see if she can offer you an explanation, or if you can both come to some agreement.

    Do you wish to send it back to her in the condition it is in, i.e do you totally not want to keep it?
    Or would you be happy to settle for a partial refund? Or costs towards getting it professionally cleaned?
    Depends on what you want to do.:yes:

    She just may agree to meet you halfway.;)

    Good luck xx
  3. god i hate it when sellers proper screw u over!