ink of black city

  1. just talked to jumpei of aloha rag and he suggested to wait for fall collection since i want the thicker leather, i wanted a city in black or ink as my first bag ...which is better ?:love:
  2. I don't think they are coming out an ink color for F/W 2006. I'm also thinking about getting the black City in the thicker leather as well. ;)

    Btw, can we get on AR's waitlist now?
  3. I would definately go with the ink...then again I'm biased against black, BUT if you really can't decide...just buy both :lol:

    - Lin :love:
  4. hi irissy i dont know if aloha rag would wait list , they just said they would email me if they have the bags i want :love: really no more ink for fall ? :sad2:
  5. i cannot afford to buy two bags only one hehhee
  6. I guess they call it their "notification list" instead. :lol: Thx anyway.
  7. Yup, last I remembered Aloharag doesn't wait list. They notify you when it becomes available and then it's on a first come first serve basis.

  8. I was faced with the same decision. I had my heart set on a black twiggy and then I walked into Barneys and saw the ink city. I immediately snatched it up and then was torn. But I rationalized that you can always get a black bag but not the ink. So I have the ink city and LOVE it. But I'm still longing for a black bag and trying to curb my impulses. You will love either bag.
  9. it depends if you want the color or leather more-if color's a concern, get the ink b/c it's not available this fall and black is produced every season; if leather's a concern, wait until the f/w 06 bags when the leather will be better (or so they say).
  10. I love my ink city- new leather or not. IT is fabulous! And it does get softer and more matte with use. I say go for it if you love the color. YOu can always get a black b-bag.
  11. Due to the fact INK is going to be no longer made, and the season is almost over, I would suggest Ink. They are getting harder and harder to find, and I must say the leather is beautiful. Black will always be here. May I tempt you with my ink, and yes this is the same bag:biggrin: :love:
    DSC03447.JPG DSC03449.JPG DSC03450.JPG
  12. Kaka, I'd go with the ink. I just received my black city yesterday, and though it's nice, it doesn't have the same "wow" factor that the ink does. As you can see from ranskimmie's pics, the ink seems to change color depending on the lighting. It can go from black in low light to a very lovely bluish-purple shade in sunlight. Black is just well, black.
  13. AWW thanks, glad you enjoyed my pics.:shame: You know I was wondering the same thing about the ink twiggy. I checked it out and everything seems to be A-o.k. on this bag. Hopefull someone here will pick it up:biggrin:
  14. INK!!!! Black is a staple and comes out all the time, I would definitely go with the INK. There is the bleu roi that reminds me of the ink coming out this fall, but it doesn't have the fantastic purple hues that the ink has.