Ink Montaigne is home!!!

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  1. She's here, she's here, she's here!!! I wasn't expecting to get her til Monday but they did deliveries at work today! [emoji16]

    She's so beautiful, the perfect blue, just like I originally wanted! I thought she was a dark purple when I bought her and I would have been happy with it since there aren't that many "old" Montaignes out there, but I'm so happy that she's actually a blue!!! And Ink is a beautiful blue!

    I love this style, how you can wear it a couple of ways, and get different looks with just flipping up the corners and adjusting the handles!!!

    Love love love, I'm in love!!!

  2. You are a lucky woman! Wear her in good health and happiness! She's beautiful!
  3. Interesting! I don't think I've seen this style. Similar to the convertible?

    It is a beautiful blue.

    Congrats and enjoy!

  4. Thanks!

    They discontinued this version of the Montaigne a few years ago and came out with a "wrinklier" version, for lack of a better word. I don't have a convertible so I can't compare, unfortunately. I'm sure some lovely ladies here will have these 2 styles and be able to let you know?

  5. Thank you!!! My perfect red and a Montaigne in about a month, I need to go on a ban for a while!!!
  6. Congratulations - I'm so glad you love it! Ink is beautiful - and the purple lining too... and of course I love the original Montaigne!!!

  7. Thank you!!! Seeing your pyramid/mountain a few years ago (I believe there were 6 or 10) is what made me want a Montaigne in the first place! I remember showing Hubby that photo and telling him "I want what she has!" [emoji23]
  8. That was the greatest little bag!!

  9. It's bigger than I thought!
  10. Congratulations!

    I just consigned an Ink Montaigne with Yoogi's and it sold about a week ago--if you got it from there, I'm wondering if this is it?! I hope so--your enthusiasm warms my heart!
  11. Ink is a great colour. Congrats :flowers:
  12. What a wonderful month!! Congratulations-they are both beautiful!
  13. It's in terrific condition. What a find!
  14. Thanks! I do need to do an updated mountain shot - there are a few more now!

    Enjoy your Ink!

  15. Thank you!!!
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