Ink Mark on Patent


Jan 28, 2006
Hi all, I am sad and I just needed to share.

:sad2: Last night, I pulled out my lovely patent rose Longchamp bag to use this week and she has a tiny ink mark on the corner of the base. Yes, I know it is not noticeable when I use it because it's on the underside, and yes I know, I can never really keep them in absolute mint condition if I use them regularly (that's what DH said to console me -- it didn't really work.). But I still feel bad. It's so tiny, but my eyes zero in on it whenever I look at the underside of the bag.

I searched the forum and the net for how to clean this, I tried Mr Clean magic eraser, nail polish remover, shu uemura cleansing oil (that wasn't on the net, just thought I would give it a go) and have yet to try hairspray cause I don't have any here. Didn't work.

It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up. Not in an absolutely depressed way, just a niggling feeling of "Aw man!".

I am trying to tell myself, at least it's one of the cheaper bags I own. But you know what, I really love the bag, so that thought didn't work.

Should I just buy all black bags from now on?

Attached a thumbnail of the corner of the bag where the mark is. You can all tell me I am overreacting...


Mar 5, 2006
Vancouver, BC
AWw, don't feel so down! Keep looking and you may end up finding a way to remove the pen mark. The ink mark seems very small and nobody will probably ever notice it :biggrin: Plus, it gives 'character' to your bag! :nuts:
Jan 12, 2006
Aww:sad: .

That would drive me nuts too. I feel sad whenever I think of the teeny little marks that are on a few of my bags, so I know how you feel:sad: .


Nov 14, 2005
Pittsburgh PA
ya know what..that drives me nuts matter how small the mark is..BUT, this is how I look at it...those marks are like "birthmarks" they make our bags one can ever say that is not our bag..because we have's like our own identification system


Feb 21, 2006
aww i'm sorry! i don't know any first leather bag got my entire HANDPRINT. i was holding onto chains from a swingset and i guess there was oil or grease...and i held my purse :sad: at least yours isn't noticeable :smile:


Jan 28, 2006
Yes, you've all made good points. I guess I just need to get over it, and will probably stop thinking about it soon. The bad part (or is it the good part) is I am now thinking 'Gosh I feel bad and maybe to make myself feel better, I should buy another handbag..' :P And I definitely shouldn't do that!

Thanks to all.