Ink Mark on Patent


Jan 28, 2006
Hi all, I am sad and I just needed to share.

:sad2: Last night, I pulled out my lovely patent rose Longchamp bag to use this week and she has a tiny ink mark on the corner of the base. Yes, I know it is not noticeable when I use it because it's on the underside, and yes I know, I can never really keep them in absolute mint condition if I use them regularly (that's what DH said to console me -- it didn't really work.). But I still feel bad. It's so tiny, but my eyes zero in on it whenever I look at the underside of the bag.

I searched the forum and the net for how to clean this, I tried Mr Clean magic eraser, nail polish remover, shu uemura cleansing oil (that wasn't on the net, just thought I would give it a go) and have yet to try hairspray cause I don't have any here. Didn't work.

It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up. Not in an absolutely depressed way, just a niggling feeling of "Aw man!".

I am trying to tell myself, at least it's one of the cheaper bags I own. But you know what, I really love the bag, so that thought didn't work.

Should I just buy all black bags from now on?

Attached a thumbnail of the corner of the bag where the mark is. You can all tell me I am overreacting...


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AWw, don't feel so down! Keep looking and you may end up finding a way to remove the pen mark. The ink mark seems very small and nobody will probably ever notice it :biggrin: Plus, it gives 'character' to your bag! :nuts:
ya know what..that drives me nuts matter how small the mark is..BUT, this is how I look at it...those marks are like "birthmarks" they make our bags one can ever say that is not our bag..because we have's like our own identification system
aww i'm sorry! i don't know any first leather bag got my entire HANDPRINT. i was holding onto chains from a swingset and i guess there was oil or grease...and i held my purse :sad: at least yours isn't noticeable :smile:
Yes, you've all made good points. I guess I just need to get over it, and will probably stop thinking about it soon. The bad part (or is it the good part) is I am now thinking 'Gosh I feel bad and maybe to make myself feel better, I should buy another handbag..' :P And I definitely shouldn't do that!

Thanks to all.