Ink, Marine, or Anthracite?

  1. They all look the same, except for some times "INK" looks purple under the sun. Which one would you prefer?
  2. for me.. i will definitely go for anthracite.. good color for matching i guess.. hope u found something u love ;) good luck sweetie!
  3. Marine for sure..goes w/ EVERYTHING
  4. I say Ink :smile: I have the ink and the anthracite and both are very unique color. Ink is still my favorite and I wear it with everything!
  5. Thanks, everyone!! We have such a variety here!!(1 vote for each):nuts:
  6. i have GH's versatile & i'm so happy with mine.

    still, part of my mind says "Ink". i'd go for ink if it was made with GH
  7. what is GH?:confused1: :confused1:
  8. i mean Giant Hardware.:p
  9. I'm into INK and is lookin for one too....i definitely prefer that color than the rest.....:smile:
  10. I love the ink. Anthracite didnt look good to me irl.
  11. Out of the three, my fav is Marine :smile:
  12. i love marine :heart:
  13. Anthracite just edges ahead of Marine for me :heart:
  14. Ink!!:yes:
  15. Alright, I just commited a crime:graucho: :graucho:
    I was sitting here, looking at the INK first from

    Then I was about to go to sleep, and check my post for the last time, I saw somebody replied and told myself "If she say ink, I will just buy it.." Then here I am, just placed the order. I feel this color is very special and probably hard to get in the future. Just wish it looks good IRL and BTW, this is my first B-bag.:heart: