Ink is mine!!

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  1. ETA mods please move this if necessary. In my excitment I posted in the wrong forum. Sorry.

    I have been on a little (ahem) buying spree in the last few months and have been hunting for an Ink bag. I passed on 2 and was kicking myself about it for weeks. Then today I found an Ink Day that someone I knew was selling :yahoo:. She's coming to a loving home and I will love her and pet her :smile:.

    I will post pictures when she gets here (promise). Meanwhile what should I hunt for next ?

    I have:
    05 Taupe Day
    06 Truffle Purse
    06 Ink Day
    04 Black Aviator helmet
    (another brown non motorcycle shoulder bag that I don't know what the model, still have to find out :roflmfao:)

    Definately on my list to have is a black first:yes:

    I also want a City but which color??
    Got to be RH and although I like red, red does not like me. I am leaning towards a green, Origan, Dolma, Olive.

    What do you all think?
  2. Aww Congrat!
    Cant wait to see pics :nuts:

    Red bag?
    Personally I am loving :heart: 07 Tomato for its true red..but if 04 True Red is available for grab, I won't say no either :graucho:

    You got to go with whichever that suits you I say...
  3. I agree with aki - something red!
  4. Congrats! Looking forward to some pics!
  5. Congrats on your ink day, can't wait to see pics! Your collection sounds wonderful but I do agree that you need some color, maybe a dark red like grenat.
  6. Hmmm you are all saying red and bright red really make me look:sad: :throwup:.

    Maybe I can carry off a darker red like Grenat?? I'll have to think on that one, off to peruse the picture threads.:smile:
  7. Or if you like green, vert foncé from 07 or vert thym from 08?
  8. Congratulation on your Ink, I can't wait to see pictures!! Your collection sounds beautiful, though I agree that it could use some color. I second the vote for Grenat - having just acquired a brand new Grenat City, I can tell you that it is absolutely :drool:!! It's truly the most beautiful color I have seen IRL - photos do not do this bag justice!
  9. maybe if not bright red, a more muted color like the pale magenta from this season?
  10. congrats on your ink day!! I think ink is gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics. Out of the greens you posted, I vote olive. I saw an olive first somewhere on this forum that was soo beautiful. But, I totally vote for a darker red as well- grenat or bordeaux. I just got an 05 bordeaux first and it's really gorgeous! The color is pretty deep and muted, so no worries about being bright red.
  11. ditto! i couldn't of said it better :smile:
  12. Greens really are versitile. I love Dolma, but what about one of the new greens South of France suggested?
  13. I vote for the new Thyme. The pictures that are getting posted as people's bags arrive are gorgeous, and the leather sounds fab!!