1. I know there is a bunch of threads about this color but I decided to post this anyway.

    Since I ended up keeping my Ink First, I decided to take some pics. As I was taking them, I realized how gorgeous this color is!!!! Below are pictures of the same bag in different settings.

    (1) This pic was taken with flash in a room with blinds shut
    (2) Same room, no flash
    (3) Blinds open, flash (so, much more light)
    B 5.1.JPG B 7.1.JPG B 6.1.JPG
  2. Awesome pictures, likeafeather!!! They really show the color variations depending on the lighting. You should post this in the Documenting Balenciaga Colors thread.

    I love how Ink looks different depending on the lighting - wish Balenciaga would do another color that does this - maybe like a dark red or dark green...
  3. likeafeather, congrats on your beautiful bag! i saw an ink bag (city) for the first time IRL and it was gorgeous (yes, in different lightings it's still gorgeous)! my SIL said she will never part with it!
  4. Your ink is just so beautiful!!! Thanks for posting! I always like to see Bbags no matter how many pictures have been posted before!
  5. Glad you decided to keep it. Ink is definitely a very pretty and versatile color.
  6. Here's another pic of Ink, which was taken in a room with blinds open and no flash.
    B 1.1.JPG
  7. Such a pretty bag :smile:
  8. Pretty!
  9. its really such a fantastic color! it oscillates between navy and purple and black... its like a different bag each time I look at it!

    wear it well!
  10. yippy, i love your new ink girl & can't wait to bust mine out either :yes:
  11. Congrats likeafeather!!! Welcome to the ink fanatic club! It truly is a gorgeous and unique color! And yours looks amazing! Enjoy!
  12. You're right, it is a great color. I was wearing mine last night with a pair of khaki pants and a white t-shirt thinking, wow almost everything goes with this purse.
  13. Congrats!! She is a beauty!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  14. Just stunning. I love the Ink color.
  15. WOW!! I'm starting to love the ink! It reminds me of my Chocolate Muse. In certain light it looks black and in other light it looks chocolate. The ink seems to have that same quality.