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  1. Here it sits- I must be nuts but I can't bring myself to use it. I really don't know if it is really my cup of tea. I like my handbags a more natural color like browns or blacks. It's been on my closet shelf for 2 weeks now and I love the color- just feel like it's not me. I gaze at it like it's a work of art and what I need is an old work horse. :shame:
    Should I try and Ebay it at a loss?

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  2. I love it :love: I think it's beautiful, but if you know you probably won't use it, I wouldn't keep it. Can you not get a refund? How much were you thinking of selling it on eBay for? Curious minds want to know... :amuse:
  3. Maybe if you wear it around a bit this weekend that will help you decide? It is really pretty.
  4. If you're not going to use it, I would definately eBay it and get that money so you can buy something you'd find a little more in your comfort zone. But maybe that's also why it's not seeing a lot of action, since it's something out of the norm for you, you should at least try it out to see if you'd grow into it. Maybe it's also that overprotective phase, I know it was months before I used some of my bags since I couldn't bear to take them out and I was just so uncomfortable with them even though I loved how they looked !
  5. i think it is a beautiful bag, and i happen to get mine from Browns too. It's awful that Browns has such a bad refund policy but i reckon your best bet is to sell it on ebay and get something you like with the money. Have you tried contacting Browns for an exchange, for a different color? I know their time limit is 14days, but no harm trying, and you may be able to get a credit note or exchange for a different color.

    Honestly, after i bought mine, i did think abt returning it as i wasn;t sure abt the leather. And I was so disappointed that they only provide credit notes. It's a lot of money to be sitting around and Browns do have quite limited bags to choose from compared to places like harrods or selfridges. If i had known earlier, I should have bought from selfridges. I try not to think abt it and i still like it although i dun think the leather is that great after all...but it's a practical bag....just my thoughts. Do contact Browns and see if you can change to a different color..hope it works out well....
  6. Nope no refund- I bought it off of Ebay as well and the seller got it from Browns fashions. I followed her whole purchase saga through TFS before she even listed it so I know it was legit.
    I was thinking of something in the $900 range:cry: simply to grab some interest. It's a pretty expensive shelf decoration at this time and DH and I have a payment coming up on an RV that I could use the money for....or I could shop for my newest bag crush:idea:
  7. I think it's a beautiful bag, but I'm in agreeance with some other people - you should try it out this weekend, and if you still don't like it, try seeing if you can get an exchange. Otherwise, you can try selling on eBay. It really is lovely...I'm very jealous :love: .
  8. That's the feeling in a nutshell but I think I'll have better luck selling it if I don't try it out and I know myself pretty well- that's why I'm kicking myself for the impulse purchase.:huh:
  9. Bagpuss - I don't think you need to take a loss on it at all.

    Balenciagas do really well on Ebay when they are legit - do an advanced search and see what they have been selling at.

    I think if you start your bidding at $950 with a bin of $1095 (retail) you will get it. Do the research first; but, you must read those TFS'ers, they will buy the b-bags off ebay when they are legit; you won't get more than retail since it is still avail in store; but, you shouldn't have to go far below what you paid for it either.

    Of course, you might find someone here who would relieve you of it.
  10. *clears throat very loudly*

  11. I was opening the door for you. (I have an icey blue Medium on the way to me.):biggrin:
  12. Yay! So you've got the caramel and the ice blue coming? Okay, I think it's time to be nice and share... You know, like Bag, Borrow or Steal, but take out the Bag, Borrow? :P
  13. Thanks Loganz- good advice. I have nothing to lose the first time around, it's not as if I'll die if it doesn't sell.

    Christine- I'm sure you are joking around but anytime you want any bargain from me just PM me, you have been so nice to me on this forum that I'll gladly help you back.:nuts:
  14. And remember Ebay lets you list for free the 2nd time if it does not sell the first; so, you really have nothing to lose if you try the first time to break even on your original purchase.
  15. Thank you :nuts: I do hope you keep the bag, since it is beautiful! I wish I could afford it, but sadly, I can't :sad: I'll have to wait a month or two before my next purchase (or so I say....). But, if you do decide to sell it, I'm sure you'll get a great price for it :biggrin: