Ink in Lucy Bag....Gone

  1. I bought a lovely Lucy bag for a great price on eBay form our own Sockey Doll. It had as you can see a fair bit of ink stains in it.
    Don't fear ink stains so very much and no need for expensive remedies.
    This job was done in 10 minutes.

    Saturate the Ink stains in hairspray (I use Non aerosol Paul Mitchell Fast drying sculpting spray) bu you can use any kind.
    Let it soak for a minute or two.
    Get an old toothbrush and toothpaste and scrub the spots.
    Rinse in warm water...and blow dry.

    I might give this whole lining a general light cleaning with shampoo now but for now the ink stains are 98% gone.

    ink1.JPG ink2.JPG
  2. Awesome! Thanks Lexie, that is great to know! :smile:
  3. Wow. Congrats Lexie. That's wonderful.
  4. NO WAY!!!

    It looks great! So Lexie, do you like the Lucy?
  5. Wow! That's a great party trick! I'm going to have to give that a go sometime.
  6. Wow! I am going to try that on the Renee I got that was listed like new?
    I will let you know my results. Hey Lexie mine has that greenish gold lining do you think it will fade. Thanks for the great cleaning tip. I have heard of doing that before but never dared try it.
  7. My goodness Lexie, thanks for sharing such a wonderful tip, what a great end result. Amazing. What do you think of your black Lucy?
  8. Hairspray, wow, looks like it was never there..

    Is the Lucy a keeper?
  9. You're very brave! But I'm glad it worked so well. I wouldn't be so hesitant to buy a bag with some ink stains now. Thanks for the tip!

    Are you loving Lucy?
  10. I keep coming back and looking at the before and after pics. I am absolutely gobsmacked. It's a wonderful result.

    Lexie, we all want to know.... HOW ARE YOU LIKING YOUR LUCY???
  11. I knew it would work. Everyone at work uses it for their scrub pockets when a pen lets loose in them....or blood.

    I do like the Lucy alot. The best of all the roundish bags to be including the hobo types. My husband swore I had this bag before but he's getting confused and thinking of a cross between my old Cognac Marcelle and my Black Jillian. It's a great size. The leather is so nicely distressed. Do I adore the bag? I don't know yet. I'll have to use it for awhile. I think it'll make a nice Winter bag though and maybe will be able to handle some rain.
  12. I don't know if it'll fade or not. It's hard to tell if the light pink lining faded. You may lose some of the green color. But I guess you should decide what's worse...the stains or the color. Or you could gently wash the whole lining so if it fades, it fades evenly. I rinsed mine under the sink faucet just making sure the leather didn't get wet.
  13. That's incredible Lexie. You should consider going into the bag cleaning business. You'd shut Lovin My Bags down! :lol:
  14. That is amazing work, Lexie! Hats off to you.
  15. I used hairspray on a sweater pocket years ago--leaking ink pen (blue) on a white cotton sweater. I SWEAR the ink just disappeared like magic (and it was super cheap hairspray like White Rain). And I never let stained linings scare me away--I just turn them inside out and figure out what to do and if nothing can be done, I am the only one who knows.