Ink First

  1. helloooooooo, i am now kind of desperate for a bag in Ink...i have the opportunity to buy a classique but am unsure of the size. about how much can you guys fit into the first without overstuffing? or should i just be patient :yucky: and see if an ink city pops up on ebay?
  2. I think you can fit a decent amount of the essentials--wallet, glasses, cell phone, keys, and a wee bit more. I wouldn't put in a magazine or a water bottle, but it's roomy enough for the basics, I think. Also, I think I saw a post about it still being avail in stores(and BalNY had one left in the classique when I spoke to Joseph last week).
  3. i think the first is the perfect bag for evenings out & bopping around town (when you don't wanna carry too much stuff)...i can easily fit my wallet, keys, sunglasses, brush, cell phone & make-up bag without a problem :smile:
  4. thanks for the opinions...i'm still planning on getting the city in grenat when it comes out (when when when will aloharag get their shipment!!) and i wanted to know if getting the first would be worth it or if it would just sit in its dustbag....still contemplating but this definately helps!
  5. I think a First would definitely be worth it! It's great when you don't want to carry more than the essentials like when you need to run errands or go to a party/out for the evening. Get both a City and a First! lol! :smile:
  6. yeppers, i concur & couldn't have said it better myself :yes:
  7. you're a bad influence PupsterPurse! but i like where your head is at :lol: . if i concentrate on paying a large chunk of cc off with the next paycheck it just might be possible! especially since aloha rag hasn't gotten their stock in yet...:angel:
  8. lol! I say buy an Ink Classique/First now(since that is the size that seems to be avail right now, although someone posted earlier that a Work or twiggy was still avail somewhere as well???) and then decide what fall 06 color you want in a City. :smile: Bal is making more bags nowadays so you don't have to worry about them running out so you can take your time deciding(and you'll have that chunk of your CC freed up by then! ;) )
  9. so true, so wise! i think you have convinced me! :graucho:
  10. Woohoo! Post pics when you get it so I can drool over your pics, too! lol!
  11. I carry my ink first as an everyday bag. In it, I fit a large LV wallet, a medium sized cosmetics bag, gum, cell, keys, mints and have a tiny bit of room left over. I adore this size!
  12. thanks lorib - the color is so gorgeous, i just want to make sure that i can carry what i need...sounds like i can!

    thank you helen for doing that search for me, you're awesome!:flowers:
  13. YAY! this afternoon i ordered an ink city!!!! i'm so i just have to figure out how to tell my bf that i had to put it on our joint cc...who knew that NM didn't take visa?!?! crazy...
    anyway, so excited!! cannot wait to get it, this is my first bbag!!:biggrin::love:
  14. hey peanut202 0o0o0 an INK city!!! yum-o!!! congrats!