Ink First or Blueberry first??...or violet if it does come out in first??

  1. Hmmmmm..
    I looked through a couple threads, and looked at many pics of bbags..
    and I next bbag will be a first

    here are the narrowed down me choose pwese?:graucho:

    1) blueberry
    2) ink
    3) violet if it does come out in first style..

    thanks!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Hey, INK first is my vote.....i love this color and still searchin for one too......:nuts: :nuts:
  3. OMG, fennelcake I am contimplating the same thing! I just sold a blueberry Makeup and want to get the smae color or ink in a bag I will carry. Good Luck deciding because BOTH colors are AMAZING!
  4. i like ink and blueberry...... but for the first, i think i'd go wtih ink....
  5. i'd say "V-I-O-L-E-T". i saw the Step in violet and i love the color soooo muchhhh. the next choice will be Ink (as it's got purple undertone):smile:
  6. Oooohhh... that is a tough one...

    I think if I had to choose just one - Blueberry perhaps? Otherwise, I would say one of each!! They are all so unique!! I guess it depends on your wardrobe & what you have...

    I know you have the cafe city, which is fairly dark - so perhaps something with a bit more of a pop of color? Or stick with what will work? I'm no help, am I? :graucho:
  7. I would wait for VIOLET. It's going to be so hot!
  8. My vote goes to Violet!!
  9. omg..I was just searching through threads on these colors and I realized that you have both the ink AND the blueberry!!! can you please describe the difference in colors to me? I've been staring at the pictures..but they look soooo similar :confused1:
    thanks!! :flowers:
  10. I would probably get a Blueberry or Violet First! Good luck!:yes:
  11. hmm... i'd wait until violet comes out & then make your decision :yes:

    unless there's a blueberry or ink out there now that you can purchase. then get it and you can always sell it if you like violet better :smile:
  12. I agree!! now that Ive looked at lots of ink pictures..I'm afraid that it may look "black" in the dark..which is similar to my cafe!!

    it's between the two now! :yes:
  13. very good idea!! I'm gonna wait :yes:
    my wallet would be happier that way too:p
  14. :yahoo:I recently bought a blueberry first, and she's gorgeous.
  15. wait for the violet to come out first before making your decision. it is between the ink or violet for me. good luck!