Ink First arrived - beautiful, but not for me!

  1. My Ink First from Barneys in Beverly Hills arrived a few minutes ago - she is beautiful! I wear tons of black, however, so not sure this is the best color for me. I am thinking of returning it xxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. use it once if you dont like it after that sell it on eBay as like new
  3. I thought the same about my ink twiggy too. But I used it for a week or so and now Im in LOOOVE!! Just give her a short try.
  4. Give inky a chance and if you don't like it after that sell it to me! : ))
  5. Wow, I have had my ink city out or a week now and I am soooo head over heels in love with it it is unbelievable. I think it can be used in place of black. I wouldn't sell it on eBay if I were you. Why hassle with that when you could just return it to the store?
  6. Ink looks SO sharp with black. I too have an ink first and I love it to death. I will never give it up!!
  7. awww I am so sorry you don't like your ink. I totally agree with all the previous should use it for awhile and see.
  8. I think if she was (were?) a City, I would be more prone to try her. As it stands, she is going back, unless anybody wants her. Let me know.
  9. flipflopstyle4u - totally give your Ink First a chance... Take it for a walk down the road and see how it feels!!! I do hope you keep it, the colour is just amazing! :wlae:
  10. Okay, just so we are on the same page, can you experts :smile: look at this picture and tell me if this is Ink? It looks really dark in the picture but it has blue tones for sure. I am pretty sure it is Ink, and it is growing on me!

    Thanks so much!
  11. Gorgeous smooshy leather:drool: . You are right, it looks really dark in your pic.
  12. ^I agree. From that pic it looks really dark.

    flipflopstyle4u: You said there are blue tones but are there purple tones as well? Ink definitely has purple tones too.
  13. It looks likes ink to me. Here is mine out in the sun. Does it look anything like it?
  14. :smile:The leather looks great. You found a really nice one.
  15. Yes, it looks much different outside - sort of purple against black. My photography skills aren't that hot!