1. which would you choose?
    ink is my favorite blue for 720,
    and I think grenat is my favorite red for 875,
    I have a grey first..
    and will only carry both these bags with a one inch and maybe also a half inch binder, but that would most likely be only for a little bit.

    Argh I can't decide for the life of me! There's too many gorgeous bbags out there!

    (PS I decided not to get the ink city, its just not in the budget unfortunately :sad: )
  2. I love anything in Ink, but a I think the grenat City would be awesome!
  3. Grenat city.
  4. Grenat city. Ink just isn't for me
  5. Grenat city gets my vote. And you can get Ink City later.
  6. Im and ink and a city lover. So Im having a heck of a time on this one. So Im choosing the Ink day!
  7. Wow, I love both colors and both styles so very difficult decision. But I'll say the city...I think it's a style every Bbag lover should try and it's so versatile.
  8. INK day
  9. Well Ink has really grown on me lately and I think it's one of my favourite Bal colours now.... and the Day is my favourite style, no contest!

    Therefore... Ink Day ALL THE WAY :yahoo:
  10. ink!
  11. ooh, that's a hard one. i'll say city!
  12. Ink day - LOVE mine!
  13. grenat all the way!
  14. My vote goes to ink day!
  15. I love Grenat! Both colors are gorgeous, though.