Ink Day on Let-Trade?

  1. good eye!

    and for ZERO dollars- that's a STEAL!!!!!!!! :roflmfao:
  2. OMG- if you press the BUY NOW button it takes you to PP with a $0.00 invoice! :huh: must be a huge mistake on LT's part.
  3. Well it says "Enquiry", so I bet because they have no dustbag and don't know the real color name, they have no idea what to ask for it. I sent them an email asking for the price. Maybe they want a Best offer?
  4. I think they haven't decided the price yet. Is it an Ink Day? I barely could read its number 140442 213048 :confused1: Any expert could tell us what it is?
  5. Yes, this is an Ink day; and it is stunning! Someone needs to grab this bag; Ink is one of Balenciaga's best colors!
  6. That's amazing! I'm tempted, but I shouldn't get it.
  7. is "let-trade" reliable? it's not on the list of reputable stores, but their pictures look good....
  8. ^^ yes it is! They mostly consign LV but every once in awhile have Bal.
  9. Dang, gone!
  10. no, it's still available!! wow, that is the most gorgeous ink i've ever seen too...
  11. who got it?!
  12. ^^ Hope she went to a good home. Post pics if anyone here got her!! :smile: