Ink day flew all the way to "Provence" in...

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  1. ...only 4 days. Send out from CA on the first and in TODAY. I love usps global express/ quick and no customs :yahoo: !

    Only thing my mailmen threw it over the gate, because I was not there so I found my package on the gravel I really need to call their office and complain:cursing: . They can't read english so even if it's signed for they end up leaving things unattended.
    Just good that the weather is really nice and warm and it didn't rain!!!

    Anyway...I'm really happy it all worked out.:sweatdrop:

    The bag doesn't have as much purple as my work had but the color is really nice and the leather is sooo soft I was really surprised (I bought it in mint/new condition from bertiebluebird, by the way a really wonderful seller!)

    It doesn't have a lot of veins in the marbel sens but is very distressed and the leather is rather thin.
    This is maybe the only thing bothering me...
    Probably you can't have it all...

    Tell me what you think...!

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  2. that looks awesome! enjoy it!
  3. GORGEOUS INK!! Congrats!!:heart:

    I love the day too :love: it's such a great bag to carry.
  4. I love your inky ! congrats !
  5. i love it catcat, beautiful, congrats!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think she's stunning!!!! so happy for you :party:
    what do YOU think? do you love it?

  7. Thanks everybody...!!!:yes:

    Oh slinks I love the shape and the astonishing softness of the leather but I would have prefered it to be a bit more purple and a little less distressed...
    So I don't know...:confused1:
  8. hmm.. very interesting. Your day almost looks blue like blueberry under the sunlight!

    Very pretty bag though!
  9. GORGEOUS ink...Congrats.
  10. Since the ground is covered in snow I am loving the whole tree pics here. The distressing reminds me of the first ink city I had. It was extremely soft, thin and distressed. A small part of me liked it better than the ink I have now. The only thing that matters is.... If you like it!!!

  11. I know, I hate it when I'm unshure.:sweatdrop: I felt like that with my camel for diffrent reasons but ended up really liking it even if I still prefer RV and now greige leatherwise. I did let go of my work the color was amazing really a lot of purple and the leather relatively thick, veiny but not really distressed...:confused1: but the size was not for me.
  12. Wow, I think it's beautiful! IMO, the distressing makes it more interesting, like inky-colored marble. Can you post a pic of it on you?
  13. it's one beautiful bag =)
  14. i LOVE it... congrats CatCat~
  15. Soooo pretty!:love: Congrats!:yes: