Ink day expensive but BO possible!

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  1. I don't mind this bag. Can you fit a lot in it?
  2. Everybody should have at least one day bag in their collection. Alot can fit in it. two bottles of stewards orange sodas, my thermos, my wallet etc.
  3. I always miss out on the deals too so don't feel bad.
  4. I feel like giving a Best Offer of 650... should I take a chance at that? :P
  5. Yep great idea we'll see what happens... !

    Oh jelousy is sooooooo bad;) :P..but please go ahead!!!!

  6. haha...that was the exact same BO that I was thinking of! but from her pics, it didn't look like this Day has much of a purple undertone which is what I'd like :sad:
  7. My new Day (05Turquoise) is coming home to me soon:yahoo::love:,
    so I'd better leave this Day (06Ink) to someone who really wants it :supacool::jammin:
    catcat go ahead:graucho: I am in such a good mood:lol::lol::lol:
  8. peppy, I have an Ink City with purplish undertone, but it seldom shows up in pic unless taken under sunlight. Perhaps you can ask the seller for a pic taken in such a condition??:idea: