INK color Balenciaga

  1. I just wondering... is INK a SOLD OUT color? :confused1:
  2. Nope... you can still get them. Call Barney's Beverly Hills. I don't know what styles they have but I know they have several Inks left.
  3. Oh thanks Glimmer :smile:
    jUst wondering since I saw a ink on EBAY but it said it was "SOLD OUT"~
  4. Welllll, I know BalNY is sold out but there are many other sources. :smile: I tried to get an Ink Weekender from AI and they were sold out of that and I think all styles... but not positive. Good luck! What style do you want?
  5. Ooo... a CITY or a FIRST :smile: either!!
    sucha pretty color.

    Trying to find a perfect darker color bag!! Either black or Ink...
  6. Inks my fave color ever...I like Rose Pink too..and then theres Magenta...oh hell, I think I like them all...but seriously I think Inks best...
  7. I saw a few Ink bags over in Maxfield LA, they had 5 on the display shelf alone. ANd I think Bal NY still has some.
  8. ohh another question, you know how once the season changes does the older colors stop selling? Or it's being sold till it's GONE??...

    ... i think i'm gettinga INK CITY :smile:

    I have 2 choices right now...

    BRAND NEW INK CITY $910.00 or... a BLACK CITY used by in good condition for $850.00

    what would you chooose?
  10. Well it really depends... Are you particular about the leather texture, veiny-ness, distressing etc? I'm rooting for ink because it's such a fabulous colour!
  11. Wow, those are both great choices, what a touch decision. If you can swing it financially, I say get both and try them out and then sell one (and probably make a profit).
  12. I think you should try Ink. It has so much dimension, and the color makes it like getting three bags in one. You could always find black at a later time if....(read when) get addicted to these bags. ;)
  13. thanks for the advices! well i really haven't touched or seen much NEW leathers, I have a 05 twiggy which is soft and smooshy...

    Ink is just so eye catching, and black is ALWAYS nice... like tln said, i can always get the black later on... :P
  14. Get the ink I just loooove this color.
  15. I have Ink and I :heart: :heart: it!! It is a really interesting colour as it is different in different light and it is a seasonal colour so once they're gone....
    of course black is classic. :confused1: