Ink coin purse BIN $399 (You know who?!?)

  1. $399 ??? :wtf: BalNY still has them in stock for $285!
  3. NO NO NO! I cant look, I cant look!
  4. I have always really liked dealing with lvlady and I trust her. I've been told that she finds a lot of her bags at HK second-hand stores, where the "used" merchandise tends to be very high quality and not so terribly used. Still, she must have some great connections at these stores. It's cyclical, too. She was not doing many b bags for a while, but when sales pick up and the demand is there, she goes on a tear. We are making her market right now.

    I always wonder where sellers get the new "old stock," other than from one of our closets. Sometimes it shows up at the same time with several sellers. I can think of one time, after the season was way over, when Balenciaga "found" and sold a bunch of new Magenta bags, but that's about it. It's a mystery. Oops, sorry moderators for going off topic a bit!
  5. wow, that price is steep! i think my neighbor bought a couple of balenciagas from her a few months back, and her prices then were much more reasonable... :oh: