INK club

  1. Not sure if there is a thread on this but I just wanted to get a group of us who own inks and specify the style you have since this gorgeous color will not be here next season. Ps I'm purchasing mine today!!! I can't wait...
  2. YEAH! Congrats, you will love the ink! I have the ink city (see avatar) AND I LOVE IT!
  3. The ink city was my first bbag and I am thrilled with it. I'm traveling for business this week and didn't bring it because I switch to a really big bag for laptop, etc., but I find myself missing my city. It's crazy...
  4. I have the ink First. It is such a great bag.
  5. I also have the ink city! Was my first b-bag, love it to bits!
  6. OOOH! An ink club. I love it:nuts: You will just LOVE your new ink congrats!!

    Here is mine, the ink city:biggrin:
    DSC03447.JPG DSC03449.JPG DSC03450.JPG
  7. Are all those photos of the same bag?
  8. Yep it sure is. Its the same bag:nuts: !!! Thats what makes this color sooooo amazing! And believe it or not it even goes to a more navy blue, and also more of a purpleish color, all depends on the lighting:love: :biggrin:
  9. It is beautiful! Like getting three different bags, really, isn't it?
  10. Congrats with your new purchase! Which style are you getting? :smile:

    Here's my ink Twiggy :love:
  11. It really is. I never realized how versitile this bag really is. If you dont have an INK and are contemplating one, I highly suggest it:biggrin:
  12. Woohoo! I'm in! I have an ink day bag and I love love love it.
  13. I have an Ink purse, and LLLOOOOOOOOOOOVE the color, but want to buy the City instead. I am a MAJOR Ink enthusiast! Glad I can be part of the club!
  14. Why do you want to trade the Purse style? Have you ever carried the Shopper? thanks
  15. Excuse the lack of knowledge on Ink but ............
    Ink = black?:oh: