Ink Classique

  1. Can I still get this anywhere?
  2. Thanks..and are the accesories still available anywhere? What about blueberry accesories?
  3. ragdolls a great seller too
  4. That ink first is a fabulous price and it looks amazing. I would be all over that auction if I didn't already have an ink first... You should get it.
  5. Sigh :girlsigh: I am looking for one too...preferably brand new, but I know that's hard to come by :rolleyes: If anyone knows a store that still sells it, please LMK!! :heart:
  6. yes she is, you can trust her
  7. I saw an Ink First at Barneys New York in Manhattan over the weekend.

  8. Thanks for the tip!! :heart: Giving them a call nowwwww...:drool::sweatdrop:
  9. Can anyone tell me where i can get an ink city that ships outside of the US. Am desperately looking for one - TIA !
  10. Hey everyone, just got back from Barneys in NYC.. They have the following styles in INK:

    Twiggy ( 1 left)
    Mid afternnon or the afternoon ? (I glanced briefly)
    SA is David :yes: