Ink City suitable for interview?

  1. Just looking for some opinions. I have a job interview this week and am wearing a nice navy/ink suit, do you think it is appropriate to wear a city to an interview or should I go with a more conservative black bag? Thanks :smile:
  2. I think Ink would be perfect :tup:

    Good luck with the interview!! :flowers:
  3. It'll be perfect! I'll probably tuck in the tassels to make it look more formal.
  4. I would probably go more conservative, but maybe that is just me! I like a classic black tote for an interview.
  5. From a professional standpoint, you shouldn't have a bag when you go for an interview. It looks unprofessional. You really don't need anything when you go for an interview. Put your paperwork in a portfolio which should have some pockets for ID cards and such. I would suggest leaving everything else in the car.
  6. i think city with its tassels and bunny ears everywhere looks too casual. and if the leather is too distressed, it may look to bohemian too. i agree with icyblue. forgo the bag for an interview except maybe for a dark leather portfolio.
  7. The tassles were a concern of mine. This firm is actually a few blocks from my current office so I may just leave the bag at the office (current job) and only bring a portfolio to the interview. Thanks for the tips. Of course I will still wear the bag for the rest of the day ;)
  8. hmmmm... xlcyBluex you have a good point! I might have to agree with you on that one! BUT then again when you are going for job interviews you should dress profess. but always let a bit of YOU shine through... I dunno! Who am I to talk? I'm at work on the Forum and wearing flip flops! hehehe!!!

    GOOD LUCK, jessiebug
  9. wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks!
  10. from a HR point of view i personally think its completely fine to wear a nice ba. if your concerned it looks a bit unprofessional tuck in the tassles or bunny ear but i have gone to a couple of interviews with my bbags over the last 2 years and actually found my bbags have started a conversation between me and my interviewer and therefore formed the bond that makes you stand out a little.

    i think go for it!
  11. I tucked in my bunny ears and tassels and carried my black city to the last interview. I was offered the job, so I guess it didn't hurt!
  12. good luck with your interview.
  13. I would lean toward leaving it in your trunk and just taking the portfolio in as well, not so much because of looking unprofessional as just not having an extra item to haul around and take care of. If you do, remember that you may need ID to get past the desk wherever you're going, so make sure you grab that!
  14. i don't think wearing a bag looks unprofessional as long as the bag is not LOUD and the ink is definitely conservative color that goes with most work attire. good luck!!
  15. My question is, what type of job is it you are interviewing for?