Ink City On Ebay

  1. sorry, the BIN is over retail, not the opening bid.
  2. :yes: Pretty fair price, considering it's a prior season bag in a beloved color.:love:
  3. reovi!!!! it's calling ur name hon!!!
  4. Totally on it, Seahorse!!! Already emailed the seller...thanks for thinking of me, ladies!
  5. i guess the waiting only took a few mins huh? :yahoo:
  6. We shall see... I'm not sold on the BIN price... But yes, thankfully, the inner Impatient in me has not had to pitch a fit...yet.
  7. Lol
  8. actually... the BIN is right at retail + tax... and its from a PFer ;)
  9. Good luck, Reovi!:flowers:
  10. Thank you, thank you! Cross your fingers for me, ladies!! I LOVE that bag!
  11. Mocean is right, but should I be concerned about the blip in the leather? I know it is not her fault, not a scuff from use, but from dying process, but should I still pay retail cost for bag with mark? I don't know the etiquette here, or what marks are technically considered okay, so please educate me, ladies... Should I BIN?
  12. purty!
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