INK City on Ebay BIN $1,111.11

  1. In the description it says its caramel brown....the pictures arent loading for me for some reason....
  2. yea no pictures. sorta sketchy with the description.
  3. I looked at this earlier and the photos were correct. Hmmm.
  4. Aren't they an authentic Hermes seller? The ink bbag in the picture looks great! :drool: They probably just copy and pasted the description and forgot to change the color name.
  5. is it a ink, isn't? beautiful

  6. this is very strange as the pics loaded for me just fine. could be due to their server perhaps? cos they were loading up a ton of handbags for auction while loading this INK treasure at the same time. everywhere else in the auction describes it as ink so not sure where the caramel brown description came from. maybe just cut n paste blindly as someone suggested. the leather looks really good to me too. m so tempted but i really can't. m on a purse ban till the end of the year.
  7. Gorrrrgeous bag, but have you read the terms and conditions? No paypal for transactions over $1,000.00 and you are "not allowed" to initiate a chargeback.