Ink CITY in Holt Renfrew Canada..

  1. I was just there at lunch and saw a cute little INK FIRST :smile: call them if you want it... prices was $1400 cdn..

    Holt Renfrew Calgary (403) 269-7341 <-- that's their #...
  2. 0o0o0o0o maybe i can get my friend to get it for me!!! shes in Calgary!!! oh darn it i wish i was in Canada again!!! hehehehe SOMEONE GET IT!!! :biggrin:
  3. GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry it's NOT a CITY...

    it's a FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. helenNZ... get your friend to GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... :P it was not in the Balenciaga department, but at this other clothing area... which was sorta weird... but IT"S THERE!!
  5. Thought it wasn't. City is $1595 or $1545 in Canada.
  6. ^^ CITY it's around $1545 I believe....

    The first was $1400.00 so cute... so cute... :smile:
  7. Old colours are $1595, newer ones are $1545 for the city. The pricing is really silly.
  8. REALLY???...

    why the difference?? i didn't even know that!!
  9. LOL - it's cuz the older ones were priced based on a higher exchange rate - but as the Canadian dollar strengthens vs. the US dollar - they're pricing lower - but still not low enough!

    The $1545CAD vs. $1195 USD is a 1.29 exchange rate which is TONS higher than I think the current exchange rate fluctuating between 1.12 and 1.14! Darn HR and their crazy markup on Bals!! So.. it's basically like they're making $200CAD extra on top of foreign exchange conversion of the american retail price and you know retailers must already be making money at the $1195USD price.. :wtf: ugh - pet peeve how Holts prices their balenciagas! :yucky:

    For how much the Bal makeup clutch is I could get a LV Speedy 30 plus have some change leftover!
  10. I know... it's really ridicoulous! I saw the price and my jaws dropped... crazy prices... yah that's why i wasn't willing to fork up that much when i can get it for cheaper!!
  11. That's gotta make you love your beeauuutiful ink city even more eh?! ;) I LOVE how it looks black sometimes and other times this gorgeous gorgeous deep purple!! :love: Congrats again eping!!
  12. thanks thankssss... :smile:

    hopefully to get a black first in the future... ^_^~

    ohhh how handbags can change our lives... hahaha
  13. hmm... i think it's a blueberry first. i haven't seen ink for the longest of time there. i saw a blueberry first on the third floor. i think that's the one you are all talking about! ink is more purple. this first is definitely deep blue. more like indigo. i hate holt's prices for bbags. it's insane.
  14. oh really??... i had my INK city that day too... sorta looked at both of them... seemed the same, but i guess the lighting can be different too!!...

    but still a beautiful bag!!!

    HEYYYY your in CALGARY too :smile: