ink city/first where are you hiding?????

  1. gotta have an ink city or first........i love that color.. let me know if you see any great deals.

  2. I think I just saw one on Ebay.....
  3. ^^ I'm pretty sure that one's authentic. I think the pics are just weird. I'm sure it looks amazing IRL though! Ink is such a beautiful bbag color! :love: I think it would be worth it if you got this one. But I'm sure there will be other ink's coming along too. You might not get to enjoy it as much if you got it now since you're getting other new bags now too...
  4. Julie, please buy it so I can stop thinking about it. I can't afford to think about it, much less buy it.
  5. I love the Ink City, but I'm thinking I would like an Ink Shopper better. Someone needs to go get that Ink City and put us out of our misery!
  6. i love it, but i think i really want a first.

    do any of you have a first?

    I store in my city the compagnon, the makeup, coin purse and that's it.

    what would store in the first (sorry left out cell phone)

    thanks julie:yes:
  7. I bought a brand new ink First which will arrive tomorrow. But I may prefer the City? Who knows. I have to look at it and see how it fits and how big it is IRL. I'll post pics.:flowers:
  8. So true and well put. Please put us out of our mysery!
  9. julie- Barneys in Beverly Hills has one.:yahoo: Give them a call.:flowers:

  10. please give me a phone number! Do you know the price.....

    YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

  11. There's an ink city also at
  12. julie, I called earlier today and they had Ink Day, First, and Twiggy. You can speak to Jennifer or Todd and Phone number is 310-276-4400 The First is $995, Day $995, Twiggy $1095. They are still open, hurry and good luck!:love:
  13. 0o00o i'd love a twiggy!!! hehehehehehe!!!

    i hope you get one julielive!!!
  14. Barneys beverly hills or Neiman Marcus bv did have a ink first as of a couple days ago.:yes: