Ink CITY - BIN $1380

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  1. its on your wishlist, why dont you grab it highglossfinish? :smileL
  2. Because I'm fickle...I've just managed to convince myself that ANTHRACITE is where it's at...LOL

    Actually, that's kind of true. As much as I LOVE the look of Ink, I've never been into blues/purples for bags. I love them; I just don't wear them. And when I think about wearing Ink vs. Anthracite, my heart beats faster for the latter. I will have to edit my wishlist.

    So if I get Ink, it's gotta be for less than 1K.

    But where is Nanez????
  3. ^^ I was thinking of getting the anthracite also now that I have the ink :love:

    Seller is a PFer! :yes:
  4. aww i want an ink city!!
  5. The bag looks just gorgeous, especially the sunlight shot -- I'll bet if she lowered the BIN price by $100, it would disappear in an instant. Right now the price seems just a smidge high...especially with the new colors coming out.
  6. Its so pretty, and I am such an Ink girl, but I have myself convinced to wait for the Marine blue, since its darker I think it will be more of a practical color for me. Plus I have my Ink Shrug (which I love!). I hope it sells fast for her!
  7. I was thinking the price seemed a bit high too given that the new one recently sold for $1,280. ( I think that was how much it was). Also, there is a note in the auction about bank transfer fees. Does anyone know what this is? Would you have to pay customs since it comes from the UK? I have never bought anything from outside the U.S. so I am not sure.
  8. It's a shame because the exchange rate makes it so expensive in $, it's actually below retail price in GBP!

    Hey Allisonfaye, what I meant was that if the buyer doesn't pay through Paypal, it would make me avoid some fees so I would ship for free instead. I ususally ask my buyers how much they want me to declare the item for before shipping in case they want to avoid customs ;)
  9. Thanks. I was just unclear. Unfortunately, I will only be able to pay for anything through paypal. Good luck with your sale!
  10. I think the last one I saw that sold was the elizabeth thomas one and didn't it go for 1380 or 1385?? I know it was over $1300. I have bought overseas and depending on how you mark it you may or may not have to pay customs.

    I would say the price was high if you could still get them in stores but since the pickings for a city seem to be slim someone may pay the price for this bag. In the end it comes down to what you want to pay and much you really want the bag.

    This bag looks beautiful!!! I would of been tempted but I have one but I keep looking at it going is it nicer than mine. Is it more purple? LOL
  11. LOL meemie! I do that too, I keep comparing mine with other inks.
  12. OMG! I just got a mail from ebay saying the buyer's account was highjacked so I should relist my item! Scary!
  13. ^^ What happened?? I just took a look and your auction was gone. Did the buyer BIN? Was that why they removed it?
  14. Yeah ebay had to remove it because of the highjacked account.