Ink Campagnon!!!

  1. It's here!!! My beautiful Ink Campagnon!! Here she is with big sista Twiggy!! I wanted a color that would go with future BBag colors. Love the size too! :love: Thank you Donna!!
    twiggynink.jpg twiggynink2.JPG
  2. aah, they're sooo cute! congratulations!!! ur ink looks very blue there :p
  3. The ink is beautiful!!! :love:
  4. OMG!!!! It's so gorgeous!!!:love: I just this second switched my stuff into my eggplant compagnon! I love it! I love the credit card slots! So many which is great for me!

    The ink and truffle make the perfect combination!!!!!!:heart: :heart: Enjoy!:yahoo:
  5. Deb~ the only thing that may annoy me about the wallet is the change compartment. It is divided but still an awesome wallet. What do you think about the change compartment?
  6. Beautiful wallet and color. I've never seen that kind IRL but I'm sure I'd fall in love too ! Congrats !
  7. They really make a nice couple!!!:heart:
  8. It matches so well~~beautiful~~:love:
  9. I love the color a lot...but I really want to see the inside of it, can I? [​IMG]
  10. Thanks everyone! I love everything about the wallet...the size, the color....I filled up every slot, nook and cranny! LOL!!

    zac...the change compartment doesn't bother me at all....maybe it will just take a couple of uses for you to get used to it. :love:
  11. Sure! Here ya go!
  12. You are so very welcome! I'm happy you love it!:heart:
  13. OMG Deb i recall that thread when u got your GOOOOOGReOS truffle.. indeed u have great taste choosing an ink to match with lovely twiggy..:yahoo:
    congrats and enjoy your lovely new goodie :yes:
  14. Thank you!! I do love the Truffle. I can't get a good pic of either one with my crappy camera though. :sad: The colors are so much richer IRL!
  15. It's a match made in heaven :girlsigh: Congrats! :yes: