Ink Box or First?

  1. Which would you choose? Think I like the shape of the box better? Please help! Thank you!
  2. I like my BBox better because of the width. The first looks too "fat" after I stick a planner, wallet, cosmetic pouch.....etc. junk in it. So, I guess it really depends on what you carry on a daily basis.
  3. I would choose the first.
  4. I prefer the first too.
  5. first.
  6. Just got a First at Barneys Beverly Hills - they have one more if anybody wants it! 1-310-276-4400
  7. Congrats flipflopstyle4u!!! Don't forget to post pics when you receive your bag.:yahoo:
  8. first!!!
  9. the box!!! i have a black one and it is the perfect everyday bag. good size especially if your sunglasses case is uper huge and clunky.
  10. hmmm, I think I'm going to have to say.... BOX??? I dunno why... I've got an Ink Twiggy and just love it!!! hehehe!
  11. INK FIRST it is my holy grail staple
  12. first