ink box on ebay-from fellow TPFer?

  1. thats beautiful!
  2. wow!!! some girls here was looking for an ink i think?
  3. That was probably me, but I think I want something bigger since I love the color so much-I want more of it!:nuts: But it is a beautiful bag!!!
  4. reovi, if u want bigger bag, maybe you should just wait..
    it'll come to you, i've been having some impatience moment like this too before and ended up regretting after a few months :P
  5. I totally agree Seahorse, but Impatient is my middle name!!!:lol:
  6. :roflmfao: fully understood here...
  7. Just lowered the price. is it fair?
  8. I think is brand new, right? And if you are trying to re-coop costs, after tax, paypal, and ebay fees, it seems alot more fetching of an offer!!! Good luck!!!!
  9. yes it's brand new. I thought I'd never find a twiggy and I did but need to sell this to get $$ to pay for the Twiggy. Sad but true
  10. That is awesome, congrats on the find!!!
  11. That is exactly the bag I want!! Gorgeous!
  12. Go 4 it, TTucker, it is brand spanking new! Good luck!