Ink Box/Marine Day/Black Purse - Which One?

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Ink Box/Marine Day/ Black purse - which one?

  1. Ink Box

  2. Marine Day - w/ regular hardware

  3. Black Purse

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Are these all too similar to own more than one? Which one would you pick? And if you could have 2 - which ones?:confused1: :confused1:
  2. I would say the black Purse if you could only get one and the ink Box and black Purse if you can get 2. LUCKY girl!
  3. I would pick the Marine day if only 1

    and the marine day and black purse if I could pick 2
  4. I would pick the marine day first the ink box 2nd
  5. I agreed with MRG's choices.
  6. I would pick INK box if you could only get one...if you can get 2 then, ink box and black purse (since the box and purse styles are going to be discontinued).
  7. The Ink Box since the Inks will be harder and harder to find. The Marine Day will be out for a while...I'm partial to Ink, so thats my choice.
  8. I vote for the Ink box - Ink is my favorite b-bag color and the box is surprisingly versatile.
  9. i vote for marine day~ its such a nice color & i love day too!
  10. MARINE DAY all the way..hey that rhymed!! You have had your heart set on it and the pics of the marine are tdf
  11. Oh and my number two choice would be ink box..I don't like the purse style at all..
  12. Since the purse-style will be discontinued and also the box (if I'm right?) .... I would go with no.1 'black purse' and no.2 the 'ink box' :yes: ! Good luck with your decision messenger..... :flowers:
  13. Marine Day if only one, add black Purse if getting two
    I have both styles and love them both. The Box is too small IMO.
  14. marine day...i love that color!
  15. I voted for Black purse... I love the Purse style since I can put it on my shoulder and it is big enough to keep all of my items :smile: